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Cultivating Consciousness Centre

A philosophical, spiritual and scientific approach


"When we understand life better, everything makes sense,

we can relax, ... and freedom arises."



The purpose of life is to experience growth...

The human species has the potential to develop high realization & wisdom*.

 *It is important to consider that there are fundamental differences between intelligence and wisdom.




Human consciousness

One aspect of life still underestimated


REN XUE System 

I would like to introduce to you a unique comprehensive system called REN XUE (to be pronouced ren shueh), that could be translated by "The sciences of human life", or "The study of human life".  

REN XUE is a life cultivation system, providing a path to develop and elevate all the aspects of a human life, while further enjoying the interconnectedness to others and the world. 


Another area of the teachings helps us to develop our 5 XIN qualities. They are part of our human abilities, and everyone would benefit from their natural manifestation: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Gongjing (true respect & humility).  

More details about REN XUE.


A Qigong system as a discipline in REN XUE: Yuan Gong

Yuan Qigong, or Yuan Gong in short, is a complete Qigong system with nine methods. Once all the methods are learned, understood and more importantly applied, there is no need to continue practicing any specific Qigong method anymore. Yuan Qi Gong is a complete Qigong system that will grow with us, and provides us the support we need to change our ways of interacting with life events.

Read more about YUAN GONG. 




 Some information on this website is used with the permission of Yuan Tze Ren Xue Center.


REN XUE is offering us teachings and tools

to navigate our existence and understand the totality of life.